Investment Process

Initial Screening

After an application is submitted, The Ohio Capital Fund will endeavor to determine within 30 days whether or not to proceed with formal evaluation and due diligence regarding the prospective investment. The Ohio Capital Fund may ask for follow-up information or to meet with the applicant's management during this time. The Ohio Capital Fund will communicate such initial determination to an applicant after it is made. 

Due Diligence

It is anticipated that due diligence regarding a prospective fund will typically require 60 to 90 days, although it could require more or less time. This may include, but is not limited to, the submission by the prospective fund's management of questionnaires and related information requested by The Ohio Capital Fund, providing copies of the prospective fund's private placement memoranda, subscription agreements and related disclosure and offering materials and other materials as requested, onsite meetings with the prospective fund's management, analysis of prior investment activities, background checks, reference checks and terms negotiation. 


Approval and disapproval of all investments by The Ohio Capital Fund will be determined by Buckeye Venture Partners, LLC ("BVP") in its sole discretion. BVP may disapprove any prospective investment or terminate negotiations or due diligence examination with regard to any prospective fund at any time. 

If an investment by The Ohio Capital Fund in a venture capital fund is approved and consummated, The Ohio Capital Fund will endeavor to assist the venture capital fund's management with regard to certain matters as requested by management and in BVP's sole discretion, which may include fund-raising, deal flow, introductions to other funds, feedback or advice on fund operations, and assisting the fund's management in meeting the requirements of The Ohio Capital Fund's investment. 

Representatives of Fort Washington will endeavor to make themselves available for discussion with prospective funds regarding the requirements of the program and feedback on prospective funds. For more information, please feel free to contact us. 

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