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The Ohio Capital Fund

The Ohio Capital Fund (the “OCF”) was established to increase the amount of private investment capital available for seed- and early-stage Ohio-based business enterprises, with the goals of increasing employment, creating additional wealth and otherwise benefiting the economic welfare of the people of the State of Ohio.

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Ohio Capital Fund Metrics

The amount of cumulative dollars invested by the OCF underlying funds (blue bar “OCF Funds”) into Ohio based early stage companies since the program started and additional capital in those same companies by other non OCF underlying funds (grey bar “Co-investors”). It’s showing the leverage impact by OCF investing in these funds who then in turn have invested in Ohio companies and those companies have also raised even more capital from other co-investors. 

cumulative investment in early stage ohio-based companies June 2009 through June 2021

  Source: BVP. For illustrative purposes only.  Ohio investment data as of 06/30/2021 gathered through surveys sent to GPs.